2020 Dezember

What are automated market makers? About the success of Uniswap

In 2020, DeFi laid the building blocks for an entirely new financial system: payments, loans, asset issuance and swaps. This was achieved through a combination of stablecoins, automated market makers, liquidity mitigation, dynamic redistribution Profit Revolution scam of the liquidity pool, smart asset management, flash loans and more. The growth of DeFi in 2020 Today we are looking […]

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Russia follows suit: Sberbank announces Stablecoin

Russia follows suit: Sberbank announces Stablecoin The Russian state bank Sberbank plans to launch its own crypto platform for the acquisition of digital assets starting next year. In addition, the financial institution intends to issue its own crypto currency, „Sbercoin“. The Russian news agency RBC reported on Monday about the plans of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, referring to […]

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